quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2014


She called me into her room... Although she couldn’t play, she sat by the grand piano. The room was dark but some bursts of light pierced through the blinds.

The chaos of the random notes and her bare skin made me shiver.

"Come play" - she said.

I approached her... I leaned towards the piano.

She ran away from it. She laid on her bed and covered herself with the blue satin sheets.

I sat on the stool and got ready to play.

As I sat I could feel exactly where she had been sitting... the warmth of ther thighs and her wetness were still present.

I started playing.

"No" - she said - "Don't play the piano."

- "Uh?

"Play me instead"

She threw the sheets aside.

Her body beautiful as always.

The rain outside grew stronger but the only times her voice and her sounds came weaker was when the thunders were stronger.

Her voice and her sounds blended with the rain and the thunders made me stronger...

That loving chaos of love drove me out of myself.


Hoje sonhei contigo, D.... e o estranho é que só devemos ter falado umas poucas vezes na Escola...

Interrogo-me... o que significa este sonho? Como pôde o meu subconsciente ir buscar-te, no meio de tanta gente?